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Wrist Straps Manufacturing / Production by Swaraj Narrow Fabrics

Luggage Straps
Luggage Straps
Underwear Elastic Strap
Underwear Elastic Strap
Shoulder Strap
Shoulder Strap
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Duffel Bag Straps
Camera Straps
Camera Straps

Swaraj Narrow Fabrics manufactures straps used in Wrist Straps. Please see image for reference of Wrist Straps.

Swaraj Narrow Fabrics has vast experience in producion, supply and export of various types of straps and belts. Please contact us if you have any questions about Wrist Straps.

Latest Articles
Elastic Straps
Elastic is a fabric, which is used in almost every product that we use. It is a man made invention and is used globally. It forms an essential part in almost all our everyday products. We all must have heard the name elastic straps some time or the other. Elastic straps are a part of the narrow fabrics available in the market. They have numerous uses.

The world of elastics is huge and full of variety. Elastic straps are available in almost every color, shape and size. The best part about these straps is that they just fit into almost everything. They are extremely handy and are very useful in our daily lives. They are used in almost all kinds of materials especially in medical equipments. They are used to organize, to hold down, to work and to secure different objects. Elastic straps can be adjusted and have detachable properties. They are best used in aeronautics and in other technical applications. They are also used in various sports equipment. The chances of eye injuries reduce which straps, which may recoil and strike the eye.   |   Full Article

Polypropylene Straps
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